In Unknown Territory: The Journey Continues

Eleven months after leaving my job in Birmingham, I moved to Dallas and started a new adventure. A fitting eleven hours on the road brought me to my new hometown at nearly midnight, with movers set to arrive the next morning to begin setting up my apartment. The hotel that night was an inauspicious beginning, … Continue reading In Unknown Territory: The Journey Continues


The Known Place (Part 5)

Crossing from the I-Don't-Know-est Place to The Known Place used to be pretty easy. I've always been an avid learner. A reader. A seeker of knowledge. I didn't necessarily require school to pursue learning; I just did it myself. (As a kid I actually set out to read the Encyclopedia, though the effort did cave … Continue reading The Known Place (Part 5)

The I-Don’t-Know-est Place (Part 4)

A couple of days ago, another layer was added to the I-Don't-Knowest Place: I received an offer on my house. As a banker, I've seen many people have financial struggles without taking certain logical steps to deal with the situation. Perhaps its a business owner who is impacted by the economy and, through no fault … Continue reading The I-Don’t-Know-est Place (Part 4)